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Carbohydrate Fermentation Test
1)The indicator used in the Phenol red carbohydrate fermentation test is 

2)The importance of indicator in the Phenol red carbohydrate fermentation broth 

3)The ability of microorganism to ferment carbohydrate mainly depends on 

4)Fermentation will result in ---------------- 

5)After the incubation of the culture, the phenol red broth remains unchanged. This is because 

6)In the acidic pH the phenol red changes its color from 

7)Acid and gas production during fermentation indicates------------- 

8)Phenol red carbohydrate fermentation broth is 

9)The production of gas during fermentation can be determined by 

10)The concentration of sugar added in the Phenol red Carbohydrate fermentation test is 

11)Carbohydrates can be sterilized at 121 degree Celcius

12)The application of high temperature for sugar sterilization will result in --------- 


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