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Carbohydrate Fermentation Test


Student's Assignment:


  1. Explain the importance of phenol red in Carbohydrate fermentation test?
  2.  What happens if you overheat the phenol red Carbohydrate Fermentation test? Explain?
  3. What does the formation of yellow color and bubble formation indicates in fermentation?  What will be the possible products during that time?
  4.  Does the entire microorganism have the ability to use the pyruvic acid in the same way? Explain with examples?
  5. As you are doing the Carbohydrate fermentation test, after incubation you found that the inoculated organism is not able to ferment Lactose. What will be your opinion about this observation?
  6. While performing the Carbohydrate fermentation tests, you cross contaminate the broth with different sugars. Do you expect accuracy in your test?
        a. If yes, explain why?
        b. If no, explain why?
        c. Suggest suitable methods to get accurate fermentation results?



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