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Lecithinase Test
1)The medium commonly employed for lecithinase test is

2)Importance of Lecithinase test is

3)The opaque halo surrounding the bacterial colony when grown on egg yolk agar is due to 

4)MYP agar is specifically used for identification of 

5)The lipoprotein component of egg yolk agar is 

6)A causative agent of food poisoning in meat industry 

7)The pH indicator and antibiotic incorporated in MYP agar are 

8)Nagler’s reaction is commonly used for 

9)Clostridium species are 

10)The dye in the Thioglycolate broth is 

11)A strong producer of Lecithinase is

12)On incubation, Methylene blue strip in the anaerobic gas pak jar turn to colourless from blue. The reaction is due to


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