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Lecithinase Test




Student's Assignment:


  1. The Methylene blue strip in the anaerobic gas pak jar turns colorless after the incubation. What is the possible reason for this? What are the reactions taking place inside an anaerobic gas pak jar?


  1. You are provided with two nutrient broth cultures of an unknown bacterium. How can you determine whether the organism is capable of producing lecithinase?


  1. In MYP agar, it is observed that the growth of Bacillus cereus will turn the medium into pink, while Bacillus subtilis turn the medium into yellow. Discuss the possible reason for this observation?


  1. As a junior lab technician, your first assignment was to plan an experiment to differentiate between Clostridium difficile and Clostridium perfringens.

                     a.  Name the test that you decided to follow?

                     b. During the test, you forgot to add antitoxin, what will be the possible observation? Explain?


  1. Is Nutrient broth appropriate for culturing Clostridium species? Discuss. If no, suggest an appropriate medium for Clostridium species Why?


  1. Specify the importance of anaerobic jar in the growth of Clostridium species.


  1. You are working as a senior technician in a Microbiology Laboratory. While working with Egg Yolk agar, you observed the appearance of some opaque halo surrounding a colony.

                     a. What is your first inference about this?

                    b. Mention the reason for the opacity?


  1. Discuss the significance of resazurine indicator in the thioglycolate broth? What might be the possible reaction if phenol red indicator is used instead of resazurine?


  1. How will you differentiate Pseudomonas putida from Pseudomonas fluorescens with the aid of lecithinase test?


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