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16S Ribosomal RNA Sequencing
1)The rate of migration of DNA within an agarose gel in the gel electrophoresis technique is primarily based on ? 

2)Role of Proteinase K in DNA extraction is 

3)The technique that utilizes probes to detect specific DNA sequence 

4)Which of the following statements regarding the polymerase chain reaction is not true? 

5)Bacteria use restriction enzymes to 

6)Separation of DNA fragments using gel electrophoresis is applicable to all, except 

7)Which of the following is not a step in Southern blotting procedure? 

8)Lysozyme is important in DNA extraction because 

9)Principle behind the Southern blotting technique is 

10)A technique used to detect radioactive chemicals on X-ray film is 

11)In bacteria the gene that has proved to be the most informative for investigating evolutionary relatedness is 

12)The ā€œSā€ in 16 S rRNA represents 


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