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Slide Culture Technique for Fungi


Students’ Assignment:


  1. Explain some beneficial and harmful aspects of molds
  2. What is the advantage of using Sabouraud agar?
  3. How do saprophytic nutrition of fungi helpful in an ecosystem?
  4. In the slide culture technique, what is the purpose of
                   a.    Moistened filter paper in the Petri plate
                   b.    A U-shaped glass rod in the Petri plate
  5. What is the advantage of slide culture technique over that of a simple loop inoculation onto an agar plate?
  6. Why would it be advantageous to observe mold colonies on an agar plate?
  7. Since dimorphism is a property of fungi, how do you account for the fact that mold grow preferentially in vitro rather than in vivo?
  8. What are the major fungal interactions with the community?


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