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Amplitude Modulation and Demodulation (Real time experiment)


Real Time Experiment Procedure


1. Click Experiment and then on the Real time experiment link and a window showing Amplitude Modulation and Demodulation will open.

2. The carrier signal is fixed and has been provided from an external source.The modulating signal is generated internally from the ELVIS board. The the carrier amplitude (Ac) and and carrier frequency (fc) are kept fixed, user can only change the modulating signal parameters.i.e., Am and fm.
3.Calculate the modulation index from m=Am/10 and also from  and compare both the values.
4. Observe the AM wave for different values of the modulation index. (note that the index of modulation is m ≤ 1 )                             
5. Also observe the AM waveform for different values of modulation index,m by varying Am and fm
6. Finally observe the demodulated wave and see how the demodulated waveform is being effected for different values of modulaton index.
7. Modulated waveform for nonsinusoidal signals can be seen by choosing triangular or square wave from the input signal panel.


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