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Amplitude Modulation and Demodulation (Real time experiment)

In amplitude modulation (AM), the message signal is impressed on the amplitude of the carrier signal. This results in a signal whose amplitude is a function of the message signal.


Forms of AM: AM signals may be of various types such as


1. Conventional double sideband AM (DSB-AM)

2. Double sideband suppressed carrier AM (DSBSC-AM)

3. Single sideband suppressed carrier AM (SSBSC-AM)

4.Vestigial sideband AM (VSBSC-AM)


These different types of amplitude modulation schemes are used for different applications. For example, conventional double sideband AM is used in radio broadcast, single sideband suppressed carrier AM is used in analog telephony and vestigial sideband AM is used in TV broadcast.

In this experiment we shall consider double sideband AM. We shall consider both the generation as well as demodulation of DSB-AM.

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