Solar energy Labs

Sun is the primary source of energy on the earth. Solar energy is abundant and is directly available and can be harnessed in many ways.This Solar Energy lab equips with the user a chance to study the radiation characteristics of the sun and various methods of solar energy harnessing.

Solar Energy Measurements - Pyrheliometer
Direct Normal Irradiance (DNI) and Concentrating Solar Thermal Site Analysis
Solar Energy Measurements - Pyranometer
Global Horizontal Irradiance (GHI)
Solar Energy Measurements
To study the various solar irradiance measurements using pyrheliometer and pyranometeters. Comparing the Global horizontal irradiance, Diffuse horizontal irradiance and Direct normal irradiance levels.
Solar PV Tracker
Determining I-V and P-V curves and the Maximum Power Point for a Solar PV Cell under Varying Irradiance
External Compound Parabolic Collector(XCPC) - Oil
Optimising Flow Rate for Maximum Heat Absorption using Thermal Oil
External Compound Parabolic Collector (XCPC) - Water
Optimising Flow Rate for Maximizing Heat Absorption using Water
Parabolic Trough - Angle
Sensitivity to Solar Tracking Accuracy
Parabolic Trough -Flow Rate
Optimising Flow Rate for Maximum Heat Absorption using Water

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