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Solar PV Tracker

Students can learn the effect on power production in a solar panel with the angle of incidence of solar radiation.

  1. Goto the 'RT' tab in this experiment. 
  2. Click 'Start and Calibrate' button. (Choose the "Webcam1" from the "Select view" drop down menu, to verify that the instrument is calibrated.)
  3. After calibration, "Automatic tracking mode"button will be activated. Click this button, for positioning the panel in the current direction of sun. (Observe the video and graphical view)
  4. Observe the readings in status status and the graphs.
  5. Click  "manual tracking mode" to move the panel in user specific directions.
  6. Set the desired angle using the "Set panel angle" slider. (-45 to 35 degree).
  7. Wait  for some time till the panel reaches the specified angle, and note down the readings and graphs.
  8. Manual tracking mode power production curve is plotted in real time.
  9. Uer can repeat the steps 6 and 7 to study about power production at a new angle of incidence.
  10. After completion, click "Stop" button.
  11. Click "Export" button to export the data for further verifications.

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