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Saint Venant Principle
  1. Why are fillets provided/preferred instead of sharp edges while designing any component?
  2. What will be the Effect of temperature on Young’s modulus?
  3. What is the advantage of photoelastic strain measurement in regions close to the load application point?
  4. Why do we need a strain gage or extensometer to measure the elongation rather than the movement of the UTM cross head?
  5. Do you think the metal’s temperature will rise when subjected to a destructive tensile test? Why so?
  6. How will the thermal effects influence the readings from the Quarter Bridge strain gages?
  7. How does the strain rate affect stress strain curve of a material?
  8. How will the strain gages reading effect with lead wire length?
  9. What are the likely sources of error while performing this experiment to verify St.Venants principle on UTM?


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