Wireless Sensor Network Remote Triggered Lab (Wireless Remote Sensing, Experimentation, Monitoring and Administration Lab)

Wireless Sensor Network is the study of wireless sensors that are distributed in a wide area for sensing the environmental parameters. Wireless Sensor Network Remote Triggered Lab is an experimental wireless sensor network deployed partly indoor and partly outdoor. This lab is envisioned to provide a practical experience of designing, deploying and implementing wireless sensor networks in both indoor and outdoor conditions.

Introduction to WSN
Introduction to Wireless Sensor Networks
nesC Programming
Learn nesC Programming - Demonstration of a "Hello World" Application
Send and Receive
Describes the RF communication using Wireless sensor nodes
Range & Connectivity vs. Antenna Power
Selecting different transmission range with respect to the available power levels
Duty Cycle vs. Power Consumption
Wireless Sensor Network Duty Cycle Implementation vs. Analysis of Power Consumption
Sensor Data Acquisition
Implementation of wireless sensor network (WSN) to acquire sensor data from the wireless sensor board and also from external sensors such as dielectric moisture sensor, rain gauge, temperature sensor, humidity sensor etc
Data Collection Frequency and Tx. vs. Power Consumption
Wireless Sensor Network Data Collection Frequency and transmission vs. Analysis of Power Consumption
Wireless Propagation
To provide an overview of real time exposure on the wireless propagation effects
Wireless Sensor Network
Design wireless sensor network topologies and experiment data sending and reception at various power levels
Wireless Sensor Network Data Acquisition, Transmission, and Aggregation
Program the WSN to acquire sensor data, transmit it to the nearby nodes, and aggregate it
Clustering Algorithms
Design, develop, and implement, different wireless sensor network algorithms for grouping the nodes.
Time Synchronization
Design, develop and implement different time synchronization algorithms for wireless sensor networks and study its real world characteristics.

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