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Quincke's Method



Combo box
Select procedure: This is used to select the part of the experiment to perform.
1)    Magnetic field Vs Current
2)    Quinke’s Setup


Current : Used to vary the current through the Solenoids.(From 0.5 A to 5 A).
Molarity: Used to change the Molarity of the liquid. (0.5 M to 1.5 M).
Insert/ Remove Probe: This button used to insert/ Remove the probe to the magnetic field.
Show Voltage/ Current: This will activate only if Hall Effect setup selected. This button used for display the voltage/ current in the digital meter, which connected to Hall probe.
Reset: to reset the experimental setup.

Procedure for doing simulator

For measure the magnetic field generated in the solenoid
  • Select the procedure combo-box Magnetic field Vs Current
  • Click Insert probe button
  • Then click on the wooden stand for place the probe on the middle of the solenoid.
  • Using the Current slider, vary the current flowing through the solenoid and note down the Gauss meter reading. And fix the slider in any current. Once it is fixed, no need of changing this slider for completing the experiment.


                 Trial No:
   Current flowing through solenoid
      Magnetic field generated
Table 1





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