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Crystal Structure




  1. Explain the terms: Primitive cell and unit cell
  2. What do you mean by space lattice and what is its characteristic feature?
  3. Calculate the number of atoms per unit cell of a metal having a lattice parameter 0.29nm and density of 7870Kg/m3. Atomic weight of the metal is 55.85.
  4. What do you mean by packing fraction? Calculate the same for Simple Cube, Body Centered and Face Centered
  5. Why an equilateral triangle can’t be used as the basis of lattice?
  6. Is five-fold axis of rotation is compatible in a lattice. If not why?
  7. What is the packing fraction for a hexagonal and diamond structure?
  8. Construct a two dimensional pentagonal and octagonal lattice. Explain how?
  9. What do you mean by coordination number and what is its value for the three lattices of cubic system?

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