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Elastic and Inelastic Collision


Performing the Simulation:


Choose the type of collision (Elastic or Inelastic).The Coefficient of Restitution slider is fixed at 1 for Elastic collision. The mass and velocity of both the objects can be adjusted. The simulation will start on clicking the 'Play' button. The graphs like; Kinetic Energy verses Time, Velocity verses Time, Momentum verses Time, are shown for the objects depending upon the object movement.The velocity, momentum and kinetic energy after collision can be found out and crosschecked using the simulation.




Variable Region:


  1. The 'Choose Type' Combo box lets you choose the type of collision, the simulation have to perform.
  2. The 'Coefficient of Restitution' Slider is fixed at 1 for elastic collision, but can be change for inelastic collision.
  3. The 'Mass' and 'Velocity' sliders allow you to change the mass and velocity values for objects A and B.


Measurement Region:


  1. The 'Start' button lets you play the simulation.
  2. The 'Reset' button lets you reset the simulation.



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