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DC flywheel battery
1)Calculate the moment of inertia of a flywheel with a inner radius of 10 cm, an outer radius of 40 cm, and a mass of 20 kg. 

2)If a flywheel is spinning at 70,000 rpm, and has a moment of inertia of 1.7, what is its Kinetic Energy

3)Design the flywheel battery for a UPS for a bank of computers. The computers require 3.6 Kw for 10 minutes. If the flywheel spins at 70,000 rpm and the inner diameter (r1) is 5 cm, what should the outer diameter (r2) be? Assume the mass of the flywheel is 1 kg, the mechanical to electrical conversion efficiency is 100%, and the flywheel can be modeled as a thick walled cylinder.

4)Polarity of supply voltage is reversed in which type of braking? 

5)In 4 quadrant operation of a hoist 3rd quadrant represents  


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