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Clustering Algorithms



1. Discuss the cluster head election policy in the LEACH protocol and explain how LEACH can consider the available energy on each node in this election process.


2. What is the problem with the energy-aware election policy in LEACH?


3. LEACH uses TDMA within a cluster; explain the advantages and disadvantages of this approach.


4. A wireless sensor network with group of sensor nodes have been deployed in a landslide prone site for giving the warning of landslide arrival in the area. These nodes are connected with a geophone which continuously receives earth’s vibrations and transmits the signals to the base station. Consider that the energy required for this network is given from batteries which can be recharged but have to be maintained for long duration. Write a program such that the network can be divided into small groups and a leader associated to each group. Leader has to be elected dynamically depending on the remaining energy; leader should get its chance to become leader again only when all other nodes finishes becoming leader. Each leader has to check if the signal lies between a ranges of frequencies, then only it has to transmit the information to base station or else it has to drop the signal.

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