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Heat Transfer by Radiation




Variable Region:


  1.  Choose material - This can be used to select the specimen plate.
  2.  Diameter of the specimen- Used to vary the diameter of the specimen in centimeter.
  3.  Thickness of the specimen- Used to change the thickness of the specimen in centimeter.
  4.  Chamber temperature- This is used to change the temperature in the evacuated chamber in degree Celsius.


Measurement Region:


White knobs in simulator- This knob can be rotated by right clicking side arrows and thereby adjusting the voltage and corresponding current which is given as input power.

Tuning Switch- Used to turn either Black plate (BP) or Test plate (TP) and thereby can change the corresponding voltage and current for  both the plates.

Note: Power should be given for both the plates must be same.

Power on button- Using this button we can switch on the power when all the initial adjustments were done.

Temperature indicator in the simulator- After steady state of temperature is reached (20 minutes in timer). Adjusting the knob by clicking the side arrows in the indicator, thereby T1 to T7 temperature on thermocouples can be noted in degree Celsius.


Procedure for Simulation


1. Choose a particular material to perform simulation.

2.  Fix the value of diameter and thickness of the plate.

3. The temperature is given to the chamber using the slider " chamber temperature".

4. Using tuning switch and white knob, fix the voltage and corresponding current for black plate and test plate.

5. Note the value of temperature T1, T2, T3,T4,T5,T6,T7 using temperature indicator.

6. Calculate the value of emissivity for a given test plate using equations.


Procedure for Real lab


 Using emissivity apparatus, the power is given to carry out the experiment using voltmeter and ammeter. After steady state is reached,(2 hours), Using stop watch, every half an hour, the temperature in the temperature indicator is noted. Using trial and error method, T1,T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, and T7  are noted. Calculate the value of emissivity for a given test plate using equations.


Observations and Calculations:


Heat emitted by the black body,        


Heat emitted by the test plate,  


εb Emissivity of the black plate and it is equal to 1

εp Emissivity of the test plate

σ Stefan-Boltzmann constant = 5.67×10-8 W m-2K-4

= ...................K

Qb = Qp since input power to the two plates is same and conduction heat loss are also same.

Emissivity of the specimen plate,                              



Emissivity of test plate surface =



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