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Doppler Effect


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Simulation link: https://vlab.amrita.edu/repo/PHY/ACS/DopplerEffect/DopplerEffect.swf



  1. Click the start button.
  2. Click on the drop down combo box for selecting the medium.
  3. Select the detector direction and source direction from the drop down combo box.
  4. The velocity of the source and observer are adjusted by clicking on the slider.
  5. The frequency of the source is adjusted by clicking on the slider.
  6. The detected frequency can be calculated using the equation(1).
  7. The reset button reset all the default values.
  8. The user can do the experiment with another set of values.


Lab Procedure:


In this experiment we learn how the apparent frequencies or the observed frequencies of a sound changes with the velocities of the source and the observer. If source and observer are stationary, the apparent frequency is same as that of the emitted source frequency. When source and observer are moving towards, the observer hears a frequency higher than the source frequency. When they move away each other, the observer hears a frequency lower than the source frequency. In this experiment we change the nature of the medium, the velocity of the source and the velocity of the observer. Also we can change the frequency of the source. In each of these cases, we can measure the detected frequency or the apparent frequency.




Source Frequency     = ........................... Hz

Detected Frequency  = ............................Hz




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