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Ultrasonic Interferometer




  • Find the velocity of 2MHz ultrasonic wave through water using ultrasonic interferometer.


  • A sound wave of frequency 2MHz propagates through a medium of acetone. Calculate the velocity with which the wave travels and also   find the adiabatic compressibility of acetone.


  • Using the device ultrasonic interferometer, calculate the adiabatic compressibility of water, castor oil, and glycerin. Compare the results and comment.


  • Calculate the velocity of propagation of a 2 MHz pressure waves through a medium of kerosene. Also calculate the adiabatic compressibility of kerosene.


  • Using ultrasonic interferometer, calculate the density of castor oil. Given, the adiabatic compressibility of the medium is 4.813x10-10m2/N.






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