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Zener Diode as Voltage Regulator




1. Study the characteristic curve of a 24 volt zener diode (as plotted by a curve tracer) differs from that of a normal rectifying diode, shown here:

2. Describe how a zener diode is able to maintain regulated (nearly constant) voltage across the load.


3. Consider 5.6 volt zener diode is used in the figure (2) Find the current through Series resistance (RS), Zener diode and Load resistance (RL).


4. Calculate voltage across Rs and RL , and current passing through IRS, IZ, IRL for the power supply of 10 volt (Zener voltage is 7.5 V, Load Resistance 5 kohm).

5. Construct a voltage regulator circuit using zener diode, having the regulated power supply of 10 volt (maximum source voltage is 20 V).


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