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Purification by Steam distillation/crystallisation




  1. When a mixture of o-nitro phenol and p-nitro phenol is subjected to steam distillation, the ortho isomer distills at 930C but the para isomer does not. Explain it.

  2. For what reason compounds which boiling below 1000C are not subjected to steam distillation?

  3. Consider a liquid X of molar mass 98g/mol distills in steam. At the boiling point, the partial pressures of two liquids X & water are 5.32×103Nm-2 and 9.44×104Nm-2 respectively. Calculate the percentage by mass of X in the distillate?

  4. During the process of steam distillation steam is generated outside the flask which contain the mixture to be distilled and not inside it. Explain why?

  5. Briefly explain the advantages and disadvantages of Steam distillation as a method of purification?




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