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Crystal Field Theory




1. Rank these coordinate complexes from highest to lowest Δo.
          Rh(CN)63-, Rh(NH3)53+, RhCl63-

a)    Rh(CN)63- > Rh(NH3)53+ > RhCl63-
b)    Rh(NH3)53+ > RhCl63- > Rh(CN)63-
c)    RhCl63- > Rh(CN)63- > Rh(NH3)53+
d)    Rh(CN)63- > RhCl63- > Rh(NH3)53


2. The correct order of ligands in spectrochemical series is

a)    CN- > OH> F- > Cl-
b)    OH> F- > Cl-> CN-
c)    CN- >  Cl->  OH-> F-
d)    F> Cl-> OH-> CN-


3. In octahedral complex ions, the t2g orbitals are:

a) dxy, dx2 - y2
b) dx2 - y2, dz2
c) dxy, dxz, dyz
d) dxz, dyz, dz2


4. CSFE for a high spin system is zero. Its electronic distribution is

a) t2g4eg0     b) t 2g6eg3    c) t 2g4eg2    d) t 2g3eg2


5. The CN- ion is a strong field ligand whereas Cl- is usually a weak field ligand. Which of the following octahedral complexes has no unpaired electrons?

a) Ni(Cl)64-
b) Fe(CN)64-
c) FeF64-
d) CuCl64-



1(a), 2(a), 3(c), 4(d), 5(b)

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