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Glucose Uptake Assay
1)Type 2 diabetes is other ways called Juvenile diabetes. 

2)Type 1 diabetes is other ways called non insulin dependent diabetes. 

3)In type 1 diabetes pancreas produce little or no insulin. 

4)Radioactive cocktail contain 10µM 2-deoxy glucose and 0.25µCi of 2 deoxy-D-(3H) – glucose. 

5)In glucose uptake assay, cells are lysed using 

6)In glucose uptake assay, insulin and other plant extracts treated cells are washed with 

7)Glucose uptake activity was measured by using 

8)Which cells of pancreas releases insulin in response to high blood glucose level? 

9)An example of auto immune disease. 

10)Women having gestational diabetes are more prone to type 2 diabetes. 


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