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Retrieving details of a drug molecule




Go to Drug bank home page and type the query with suitable name and suitable information in the query box provided. By clicking search, it will redirects to the drug with full details as we mentioned in theory.



Step 2: For example give the query name as “ASPIRIN” and click on search. Hits will appear related to the query as shown below.



Step 3: Each hit gives an account of the drug activity and its structure along with their drug targets, enzymes, transporters and carriers followed by the drug details as explained in theory.




Using different types of browsing options in Drug bank.


Select “Drug browse” from the browse option in the home page. This will allows one to search the drugs by its name. Each drug will have the characteristics like specific ID, Name, Molecular weight, Structure of the drug molecule, In which categeory it belongs, and the therapeutic indicaton of the drug molecule. The screen shot is shown below.




Select "Pharma browse" from the browse option will allow one to search the drugs by their drug category  like small molecule, biotech and nutraceutical. User can select the drugs depending on their functional activities.




Geno browse from the drug bank allows the user to get the information about the Genes and SNPs related to the drug molecules. It provides the information about the Drug Name, Drug interacting enzymes, SNPs, Adverse reaction and the references related to the Drugs.




"Pathway browse" allows the user to search pathways by giving drug names in the query box provided and by clicking on search button the user would be redirected to the result page with pathway name, Drug name, and sample id of the Drugs as shown in the screen shot below. Likewise in  "class browse" will give result with information like drug name and to which chemical kingdom is the species related




Association browse allows the user to find the Name, Gene name, Species and their specific function also it has a specific tabs like targets, Enzymes, Carriers and Transporters.






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