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Current Clamp Technique



Instructor content


The animation is self-illustrative. Instructors may choose to use the interactive version in class before detailing the protocol techniques of typical laboratory current  clamp.  Instructor may vary the current injected and see effects of first-spike delay, frequency of spiking etc. It is recommended to tell the student to retain the previous traces in order to compare. 


Student Assignment


Click on the simulator window to load the animation. Participate in a full animated walk-through to complete the feel of a real neurophysiology lab.

Click on the simulator and try the following:


  1. Set to “Current clamp” mode in “Applying external current/voltage” section. What is the lowest amplitude current pulse that elicits an action potential? Find this by changing the value of amplitude, choosing values with at most 3 significant figures. Rerun the simulation with each new value.
  2. Research the relation between number of spikes and the injected current. (The so called F/I curve).



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