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Structural Studies of Phycobiliproteins from Spirulina





  1. Perform the folding and unfolding studies on phycobiliproteins using different denaturants and observe the change in absorption spectrum.
  2. Perform the experiment  by varying  the concentration of each denaturant and observe the change in absorption spectrum.
  3. If a peak of the absorption spectrum is shifted to the wavelength 750nm of visible region , what can you tell about the nature of the sample from this data?
  4. If a molecule present in the sample  shows  an absorbance of 3.33 and the molar absorptivity is 4.13cm mol/l .  What will be the concentration of the molecule present in the sample?
  5. If a bittergourd  juice appears green, what wavelength would it absorb if you recorded its
    UV-Vis spectrum?
  6. If there are a  number of double bonds present in a molecule, towards which  wavelength will the absorption spectrum shift in the  recorded UV-Vis spectrum.






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