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Metapopulation Dynamics -Levins Model




1. Consider a population of population of Mountain Sheep occupies with initially five patches out of total 16 patches in the habitat. Rate at which occupied patches produce colonies is 0.3 and rate at which occupied patches goes extinct is 0.05. Calculate the number of patches that are occupied in each year for 20 years from now.


2. Consider two subpopulations of butterflies with initial size of the population 75, the probability that the individual disperse from its subpopulation is 0.06, the degree to which the environments of the two subpopulations vary with regards to each other is 1.5 and the population growth rate in good and bad years are 1.5 and 0.75.


  • Calculate the total number of individual in two subpopulation after year for 25 years from now.
  • Assume that two subpopulation completely mixed and perform the simulation. And discuss the observation seen in a and b, in terms of, rate of dispersal in total number of individuals in the population.

 (Hint: Use the simulator to perform the calculations)

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