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Routes of Viral Inoculation in Embryonated Eggs
1)Which of the following is true about a virus? 

2)Which of the following best describes a virus? 

3)Animals used for virus cultivation include 

4)The extracellular infectious particle of virus is 

5)The genetic material of a virus 

6)Which of the following methods can be successfully used for the cultivation of virus? 

7)During viral inoculation in embryonated eggs which of the following is more important? 

8)Which of the following provide chemical, biological and antigenic properties to virus? 

9)Viruses can be grown on any inanimate culture 

10)Routes of viral inoculation in embryonated eggs include 

11)Which of the following method is employed for the growth of influenza virus? 

12)Viral growth and multiplication in the egg embryo is indicated by--------- 


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