Energy Storage Labs

Storage of energy is equally important as the harnessing of the energy. In conventional usage systems , a lot of energy is wasted in various forms. Tapping to that energy can be a great advantage. In this Energy Storage lab a user gets to know about some of the latest, state of the art approaches for the storage of the energy in its various forms.

Ultracapacitor (Supercapacitor)
Ultracapacitor Characterization
DC flywheel battery
Charge and Discharge Characteristics or a Rapidly Rotating Solid Disc
AC Flywheel battery
Experimentally Determining the Energy Storage Capacity of a Rapidly Rotating Disc
PbA Battery
Lead Acid Battery Characterization
Ni-Cad Battery
Nickel Cadmium Battery Characterization
Ni-MH Battery
Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Characterization
Li-ion Battery
Lithium Ion Battery Characterization
Li-Po Battery
Lithium Polymer Battery Characterization
Peukert Law
Temperature and discharge rate dependance on battery capacity

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