Virtual Biophysics Lab (Remote Trigger)

This lab will provide an online experience via remote equipment to study biophysics and biophysical techniques.

Using a light microscope (Remote Trigger)
To understand the usage of a simple light microscope and observe cellular components in a Plant Cell
Observing an animal cell using a light microscope (Remote Trigger)
Using a remotely triggerable light microscope to observe animal cell.
Study of RC Properties of Cell Membrane (Remote Trigger)
To study the effects of membrane capacitance and resistance in action potential propagation.
Study of Electrically excitable cells (Remote trigger)
To understand how Integrate and fire neuron can be modeled into electronic circuits.
Bursting phenomenon in biology via RC models (Remote Trigger)
Study of bursts in neurons using simple RC neuron model
Micrometry (Remote Trigger)
Micrometry refers to the microscopic measurement (length, breadth and diameter) of microorganisms of interest
Multicompartmental modelling of biophysical behaviour of neurons (Remote Trigger)
To study the detailed biophysical behaviour of neurons and other electrically excitable models - The Lewis Membrane Model
Understanding Photosynthesis as a Biologically Closed Process
To understand the mechanism of photosynthesis using remote experimentation

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