Mechanical Engineering

Wind energy Labs
Wind is a form of renewable energy which is cheaply available. Wind energy is also a good source of clean and green electricity. The Wind Energy lab imparts with the users an approach to study about the wind characteristics and wind energy harnessing.

Anemometer || Wind Modelling Analysis || Wind Tunnel - Pressure || Wind Tunnel- Force || Wind Tunnel - Angle || Wind Tunnel -Pitot || Dynamometer || Wind Turbine -Power production in Wind Turbine || Wind Turbine - Cp Vs λ
Solar energy Labs
Sun is the primary source of energy on the earth. Solar energy is abundant and is directly available and can be harnessed in many ways.This Solar Energy lab equips with the user a chance to study the radiation characteristics of the sun and various methods of solar energy harnessing.

Solar Energy Measurements - Pyrheliometer || Solar Energy Measurements - Pyranometer || Solar Energy Measurements || Solar PV Tracker || External Compound Parabolic Collector(XCPC) - Oil || External Compound Parabolic Collector (XCPC) - Water || Parabolic Trough - Angle || Parabolic Trough -Flow Rate
Mechanics of Solids Labs
Mechanics is the branch of science which deals with the description or prediction of the bodies at rest or motion.Mechanics of Solids is the study of bodies at rest. In this lab a user gets to know various mechanical characteristics of solid bodies.

Beam Theory I || Beam Theory II || Young's modulus on UTM || Poisson's ratio on UTM || Saint Venant Principle || Stress Distribution around a circular hole || Stress Concentration around a Notch using UTM || Creep Test
Energy Storage Labs
Storage of energy is equally important as the harnessing of the energy. In conventional usage systems , a lot of energy is wasted in various forms. Tapping to that energy can be a great advantage. In this Energy Storage lab a user gets to know about some of the latest, state of the art approaches for the storage of the energy in its various forms.

Ultracapacitor (Supercapacitor) || DC flywheel battery || AC Flywheel battery || PbA Battery || Ni-Cad Battery || Ni-MH Battery || Li-ion Battery || Li-Po Battery || Peukert Law

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