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Methylene Blue Reductase Test


Materials Required:


  1. Milk samples to be analyzed
  2. Screw-cap test tubes
  3. Test tube rack
  4. Pipettes(10 ml and 1ml)
  5. Water bath (37o C)
  6. Bunsen Burner




  1. Transfer 10 ml of each milk sample into appropriately labeled test tube.
  2. Add 1 ml of redox indicator, methylene blue to each test tube containing milk sample.
  3. Tighten the test tube mouth with stoppers. Gently invert the tubes at about four or five times to ensure proper mixing of the methylene blue solution.
  4. Keep the tubes in the water bath at 37 o C
  5. Note the incubation time. That is, the time elapsed for the color to turn whitish appearance.
  6. Stabilize the tubes for 5 minutes. 


 Result Interpretation


  1. Reduction within 30 minutes: Very poor quality
  2. Reduction occurring between 30 minutes and 2 hours : Poor quality
  3. Reduction occurring between 2 and 6 hours: Fair quality
  4.  Reduction occurring between 6 and 8 hours: Good quality
  5. Not reduced in 8 hours: Excellent quality





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