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Wind Turbine - Cp Vs λ
1)If the wind velocity of an airstream is 10 m/s, the effective area of the rotor is 15 m2, the air density is 1.2929 kg/m3 and the coefficient of performance (Cp) is 0.35, then what is the maximum power that can be extracted from the airstream with this rotor? 

2)If the Wind Energy Density (WED) of an airstream is 650 Watts/meter2 , the air density is 1 kg/m3, and the rotor diameter is 40 meters, then what is the theoretical maximum amount of power than can be extracted from the windstream? 

3)The maximum energy conversion efficiency of a wind turbine for a given swept area is  

4)Which of the following forces act on the blades of wind turbine rotor?  



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