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We depend on electricity every minute of every day. It seems a mysterious and even a magical force. Magnetism's ability to serve mankind especially lies in its relationship to electricity. That means, magnetism and electricity are so closely related to each other. The concept of this can be applied in many technologies for an effective productivity.

Tangent Galvanometer
Tangent galvanometer is an early measuring instrument for electric current. Its working is based on the tangent law of magnetism, which states that the tangent of the angle a compass needle makes is proportional to the ratio of the magnitudes of the two p
Magnetic Field Along The Axis of A Circular Coil Carrying Current
An experiment to study the variation of magnetic field with distance along the axis of a circular coil carrying current.
Deflection Magnetometer
Aim is to find the horizontal intensity of earth's magnetic field at a place and moment of the bar magnet.
Van De Graaff Generator
The American physicist, Dr.Robert Jemison Van de Graaff invented the Van de Graaff generator in 1931. The device has the ability to produce extremely high voltages-as high as 20 million volts. Van de Graaff invented the generator to supply the high energy
Barkhausen Effect
The Barkhausen effect simulation will help to experience the sound produced according to the magnetization of the rod while the magnet is getting nearer to the rod.
Temperature Coefficient of Resistance
The temperature coefficient of resistor simulation will help the user to easily identify the change in resistivity of the resistor according to the change in temperature
Anderson's Bridge
Aim is to find the inductance of a coil using Anderson's Bridge
Quincke's Method
An experiment to determine the volume magnetic susceptibilities of paramagnetic liquids.

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