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A.C Sonometer




The simulation will start to play on clicking the 'Power On' button. Now the string starts vibrating. Adjust the knife edges or the magnet to get the maximum vibration. At the maximum vibration the paper rider placed in the string will fall down. Repeat the same for different weight, radius, string material and environment. Using the Reset button you can reset the simulation.




Power On - To start the power supply.
Power Off - To stop the power supply.


Variable Region:



Weight Rings - To add/remove weight rings.
Knife Edge A - To move the knife edge A.
Knife Edge B - To move the knife edge B.
Magnet position - To move the magnet.


Combo box:

Choose Radius - To set different radius.
Choose String material - To select different types of wires.
Choose environment - To select different environments.


Measurement Region:

Showing string frequency.



Reset - To reset the simulation.

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