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A.C Sonometer
1)The frequency of a sonometer wire is 100 Hz. If the length of the string is doubled and the tension is changed, the new frequency becomes 75 Hz. The ratio of the original and final tensions is 

2)A knife edge divides a sonometer wire in two parts which differ in lengths by 2 nun. The whole length of the wire is 1 metre. The two parts of the string when sounded together produce one beat per second. Then the frequencies of the smaller and longer parts are 

3)A wire under tension vibrates with a frequency of 450 per second. What would be the fundamental frequency if the wire were half as long, twice as thick and under one-fourth tension? 

4)The equation of transverse wave in a string is :y = 8 sin [1.256x - 25.12t] cm. What is the amplitude of the wave ? 

5)Theromo emf of thermocouple depends on 


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