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Kundt's Tube Apparatus





  • Find the velocity of sound wave in an iron rod with a Kundt’s tube (air as the medium). Given, velocity of sound in air= 343 m/s.


  • Find the Young’s modulus of iron using Kundt’s tube apparatus.


  • Calculate the velocity of sound in air with Kundt’s tube, with Aluminium as the material of the rod. (Given the Young’s modulus of Aluminium =2.07x1011 N/m2).


  • In a Kundt’s tube apparatus, a brass rod of length 3m is used with air as the medium inside the tube. Calculate the velocity with which  the sound wave travels through the rod. Also calculate the Young’s modulus of the rod. (Given velocity of sound in air = 343 m/s)


  • Calculate the Young’s modulus of iron, aluminium and brass using a Kundt’s tube apparatus and comment.





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