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Moment of inertia of a Torsion Pendulum



1.  Determine the rigidity modulus of Zinc wires of radii 0.4mm,0.7m and show that it is independent of radius.


2.  Find the ratio of  time periods of  two identical torsion pendulums with moment of inertia I1= 25x10-4 kg m2, I2=12.5x10-4kgm2.


3.  Find the rigidity modulus of the copper wire of radius 0.5mm and length 60cm.


4.  Find the moment of inertia of  given disc of mass 1.5kg and radius 7cm.


5.  Find both the moment of inertia of the disc and the rigidity modulus of a Zinc suspension wire.

   Given radius and length of the suspension wire is 0.6mm,60cm.

   Take Mass and radius of the disc as 1.5kg,7cm respectively.



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