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Gravimetric Estimation of Barium




  • The given barium chloride solution is made up to 100mL in a standard flask.
  • 20mL of solution is pipetted into a 250 mL beaker.
  • About 5mL 2N HCl is added and diluted to 150mL with distilled water.
  • The solution is heated to boiling and a hot solution of 4N H2SO4 (10 - 15mL) is added drop by drop with constant stirring, till the precipitation is complete.
  • The solution containing the precipitate is heated in a water bath for 5 minutes.
  • The precipitate is allowed to stand for an hour.
  • The clear solution is decanted through an ashless filter paper (whatman No. 40).
  • The precipitate is washed with hot distilled water to free sulphate ions.
  • The particles adhering to the sides of the beaker and glass rod are removed by a policeman.
  • Finally the precipitate is washed once again.
  • The dried filter paper is folded and placed in a crucible which has been previously weighed.
  • The filter paper with the precipitate is first incinerated on a Bunsen burner by a low flame and then transferred to an electric burner.
  • The crucible is transferred to desiccator and cooled.
  • When cold, the crucible is weighed.
  • Heating, cooling and weighing are repeated till concordant values are obtained.



Mass of crucible + lid = a g

Mass of crucible + lid + Bariumsulphate = b g

Mass of Bariumsulphate = (b-a) g.

233.36 of barium sulphate contain 137.36 g of barium.

Mass of barium in (b-a) g of Bariumsulphate =

Therefore, Mass of Barium in the whole of the given solution =




Mass of Barium in the whole of the given solution = ------------ g.


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