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Retrieving Gene Information from TAIR database




Obtain the details about the stress responsible gene


Environmental stress such as high/low temperature, insufficient water, some chemicals, radiation etc. can affect the growth of Arabidopsis. Plants adapted to react against these stresses for its survival. The gene which is responsible for the expression related to such responses is called stress responsible gene.

For info on accessing the database please go to simulator tab. 



 FIgure 1:  Home page of TAIR


 Enter ‘stress responsive’ in the first text box. Select ‘Gene’ from the drop down menu and now click on the search button (Figure 2).


 Figure 2: Entering a query


The database searches for the gene information that matching with the query term you had typed in the text box. The output file is shown in figure 3 and figure 4. Here we have 6 results. 


User can see a new search button on the top of the file which helps to go for a new search. The "download all" button helps to download all the record from TAIR. By clicking on the "get all sequence" button allows the user to get all the sequence from arabidopsis genome(according to the query) in FASTA format. A check box is provided with each record. User can check any interested record. By cliking on the "download checked" button helps to download all the details of checked records. Cliking on the "get checked sequences" allows the user to get all the sequence of checked data  from arabidopsis genome in FASTA format. The "check all" button allows all the results to mark as checked and the "Uncheck All" button marks all the checked record as unchecked. Each result contains its locus, description about the result, gene model, other names and key words. 



Figure 3: Results for the entered query.


 Figure 4: Results for the entered query.


For example the gene, AT2G31670 gives stress responsive information (Figure 5)



Figure 5:  Example for stress responsive information (Figure 5 )


Information including the last date of modification, locus, gene model, description, map detail image and annotation are also available.


This experiment uses: The Arabidopsis Information Resource (TAIR), www.arabidopsis.org/aboutarabidopsis.html, on www.arabidopsis.org, Oct 24, 2000

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