Systems Biology Virtual Lab

This virtual lab consist of modelling and simulation experiments for UG/PG students in bioinformatics and computational biology to understand biological processes using a systems biology approach.

Mathematical modeling and simulating of Biochemical network
To learn how to develop and simulate a mathematical model
Import and simulate models from different databases
To learn how to import, model and simulate the model using databases
To Import and simulate a model from the repository
Import and simulate the model from the repository and understand the functions of genes based on their evolutionary relationships.
SBML-A markup language for mathematical models in systems biology using cell designer
Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML) is a xml (eXtensible Markup Language) based language. It is a description language for simulations in systems biology. SBML is suitable for representing biochemical networks, which includes cell signaling pathways
Creating and Visualizing a Simple Network Model
To create and visualize a simple network using system biology visualization software's
Analysis of biological networks for feature detection
To Analyse the different features for better understanding of interactions in the network
Integrating Biological Networks and Microarray Expression data
To learn the integration of expression data with biological network and analyse the network
Analyzing the network by finding sub modules
To learn how to analyze the network by finding the sub modules based on the expression data

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