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Spread of a Pest Population - Population Invasion




The screen shot of the simulator is as shown below.


User Instructions:


The simulator consists of three regions: simulator window, variables menu and Run-Control menu.


Variables Menu:


Using this menu, the user can set the desired values for the variables mentioned in the menu, according to which the corresponding graph will get plotted in the simulator window (try to study the spread of the pest population by changing the values for the parameters).












  • The 'Length of habitat' option can be used by the user to define the length of the habitat where the population spreads.
  • The 'Number of years' option can be used by the user to define how many years to simulate.
  •  The 'Establishment' option can be used to set the minimum number of individuals required to establish a population.
  •  The 'Initial pest population density' option can be used to set the initial number of the pests.
  •  The 'Disperse Rate' option can be used to set the disperse rate of the population.
  •  The ‘Population Growth Rate’ option can be used to set the growth rate of the population.


 Run-Control Menu:



Using this menu, the user can plot the graph after setting the values in the variables menu by clicking Plot Graph button. Reset button helps to reset the values of the variables to the default values.


  • The ‘Plot Graph’ button helps to plot the graph in the simulator window based on the values set in the variable menu.
  •  The 'Reset' button helps to reset all the values of the variables to default values. 



 Simulator Window:




This is a model of the simulator window that will show the results for the spread of pest population. When we click the plot graph in the Run-Control menu, results will be displayed on this window.





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