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Stage Structured Leslie Matrix


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User Instructions:

The simulator consists of five regions, Input control menu, Field data table, Legend window, Simulation control buttons and Result display window.

Input control menu:


Using this menu controls the user can change the Number of age classes, Number of stages and Growth of population (t) in years.

Field data table:

Field data table will setup according to the input from Input control menu. User can enter the values into the table according to the each variable corresponds to age classes.

Age class denoted by x, simulator will automatically enter the values to this field. User has to enter the values according to the data for the study. lx is the probability of an individual living from age class x to x+1. px is the probability of an individual passes from one stage to the next. User has to enter the values according to the data for the study. Average female offerings per female of a given age in population, denoted by mx. User has to enter the values according to the data for the study.

 Legend window:

In this window all the variables and legends are explained.


Simulation control buttons:

According to the selection of button the simulation will perform and the result will display in the result window.

Result display window:


  • Stage-structured Leslie Matrix tab: or Button 


Shows Stage-structured Leslie matrix, which was constructed from for the given data. And the calculated total number of individuals and Finite rate of change.

  • Stable stage distribution plots tab: or Button


This tab shows set of plots indicates the Stable stage distribution plots, (Growth rate in y-axis and stages in x-axis) at each year.


Step by Step Explanation:

Step 1: Open the simulator and set the Input control menu, Number of Age classes x = 17, Number of stages = 6, years (t) = 20.


Step 2: Enter the values for lx,mx,px into the Field data table and  the stages and corresponding age classes enter into the Stage Vs Age classes window.

Step 3: Click on Create Stage-structured Leslie Matrix Button, Stage-structured Leslie matrix is displayed in result tab.

Step 4: Click on Stable stage distribution graphs Button, the Stable stage distribution graphs for each year will plot in displayed in result tab.





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