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Stage Structured Leslie Matrix





An excellent example for stage structured matrix is logger head turtle. Loggerhead turtles are distributed across the world can be found in Indian, Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Major part of the life of adult loggerhead is spent in saltwater, except for the females, who have to come ashore for a brief period to lay eggs. The data given below is the life table of logger head turtle. Solve the questions given below.


 Stages Approximate age  Annual survivorship  Fecundity
 Egg,hatchlings  <1  0.6747  0
 Small juveniles  1-7  0.7857  0
 Large juveniles  8-15  0.6758  0
 Sub adults  16-21  0.7425  0
Novice breeders  22  0.8091  127
1st year remigrants  23  0.8091  4
 Mature breeders  24-54  0.8091  8


  1. Construct stage structured matrix.
  2. Calculate the following parameters and variations generation time, rate of growth, basic reproductive rate, rate of growth per generation.
  3. Calculate stable stage distribution after 20 years, plot the stable stage distribution for each year.


Hint: Use stage-structures Leslie Matrix simulator.


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