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Blood Grouping Experiment


Students' Assignment:-


  1. What are the consequences of Rh incompatibility and what does it lead to?
  2. Hemolytic disease of new born due to maternal fetal ABO in compatibility occurs more frequently as a result of which specific mismatch?
  3. A maternity case involves an infant with type AB blood. Four women claim to be the mother. You be the judge, as far as the blood type evidence allows.
    1.  The woman with type A blood could not be the mother.
    2. The woman with type AB blood could not be the mother.
    3. The woman with type O blood could not be the mother.
    4. The woman with type B blood could not be the mother.
    5. All the four could be the mother.
  4. Two parents with blood types A and O have a child who has type O blood. What is the probability that their next child will be type A?
  5. A woman is married for a 2nd time. Her first husband was blood type A and her son by that marriage was type O. Her new husband is type B and their child is type AB. What is the woman's blood group?



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