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Isolation and Identification of Auxotrophic and Drug Resistant Mutants
1)Mutants are unable to grow without one or more essential nutrients are termed as

2)Mutations which arise from high doses of chemical mutagen treatment or ionizing radiation exposures is termed as

3)Visual identification of auxotrophic mutants can be performed by 

4)An example of selective mutation from the group is

5)A common type of mutant which cannot synthesize an essential metabolite that wild-type cells produce is termed as 

6)Type of mutation in which a change in code leads to substitution of a different amino acid is called a ............

7)A researcher picks an E.coli colony from a Streptomycin gradient plate and inoculated on to another Streptomycin gradient plate. After incubation there is no growth on the on the HSC region. The reason is

8)The significance of overlay technique in Gradient plate technique is : 

9)Absence of microbial growth on the HSC region of gradient plate indicates:

10)The importance of replica plating method in the isolation of auxotrophic mutants is 

11)A point mutation that changes a codon specifying an amino acid into a stop codon is 

12)Mutations may alter the organisms 

13)Antibiotics used for the isolation of Gram negative bacteria except 


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