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Solar Energy Measurements
  1. Determine the percentage of the overall energy received which comes directly from the sun. This can be calculated as DNI/(DNI+DFI). Also determine the percentage of the overall energy received which is diffuse.  
  2. Similar to the assignments for the Solar Energy Measurements: Pyranometer and Solar Energy Measurements: Pyrheliometer, download and analyze the satellite solar data for a particular location.
    1. Determine the:
      1. Overall average DNI, GHI, and DHI for the site, using all 8 years worth of data. 
      2. Average DNI, GHI, DHI, for each month of the year. Use all 8 years worth of data.
    2. Plot the
      1. DNI vs. Month, GHI vs. Month, and DHI and vs. Month. Overlay these plots onto the same graph to get the best understanding of how the solar energy changes throughout the year. 
      2. GHI for the same month of the year, for each year data. For example, plot February 2008 average GHI, February 2009 average GHI, February 2010 average GHI, February 2011 average GHI, etc.. This will allow you to see how the data changes on a year by year basis. 




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