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Fluorescent Labeling of Antibodies
1)Antibodies can be labelled with FITC through which of the following residue : 

2)Which is the buffer that we used in this experiment for the dialysis of antibodies: 

3)Flourescent Dyes are : 

4)Absorbance used to determine the protein concentration in sample is : 

5)FITC dye mainly used for labelling which of the following biomolecules : 1. Antigen 2.Antibody 3.Amino acids 4.Lectins 

6)The molecular weight of FITC dye was : 

7)Stoke effect is reffered to as : 

8)FITC dye have two isomers.ie Isomer I and isomer II. Isomer I was different from isomer II by : 

9)Isomer II was different from isomer I by : 

10)PBS Buffer is used because it is : 


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