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Projectile Motion


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Select a type of environment from the right of the simulator. Gravity changes according to the environment.Select the velocity, angle of projection and height of the cannon from the slider respectively. After clicking the fire button the user can view the motion of the projectile and also the time of flight, maximum height and range of the projectile.


Variable Region:


  1. The 'Choose Environment' combo box helps you to choose the type of environment that the simulation has to be performed. As the environment changes the gravity also change.
  2. The 'Velocity' slider helps you to fix the velocity of the projectile.
  3. The 'Angle of Projection' slider helps you to fix the angle of the projection of the projectile. 


Measurement Region:


  1. 'Time' shows the time of flight of the projectile.
  2. 'Height' shows the maximum height the projectile has reached.
  3. 'Range' shows the maximum distance the projectile has moved.


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